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Google Map Implemenation & Project Search
Projects Plotted on Google Map
Get Direction to Project Site
Project Search based on Project Type & Location
Neighborhood Amenities On Google Map
Railway Station
Bus Depots
Hospitals & Medical Centers
Restaurants & Pubs
Groceries & General Stores
Shopping Malls & Retail Stores
Gyms & Spas
Parks & Playgrounds
Clubs and Recreation
Movie Halls
Search Engine Optimization
URL rewriting of all Project Pages
Page Titling
Meta Tagging
Alt tagging of images
Social Media Optimization
Sharing of Project pages
Linking to Social Media Pages
Liking Pages on FB
Lead capture
Offerings wise Customer Enquiry Capture
Customer Lead Capture on Brochure Download
Database Management
Capture of Date of Site Visit
Date & Time of access
IP and City of access
Access Devices (PC, Tablet, Mobile)
Browser of Access
ERP Integration
Integration with Salesforce
Integration with Dynamics

FAQs about ShowScape: Or Call us at 9820154638

How do we step up our Projects on ShowScape?

The initial set up will be done by our team of implementers in Mumbai. Details of all content required (Textual Content, Hi-res images of Projects, Videos etc.) will be communicated to you via email. Also an excel data sheet will be provided for all textual data to be provided. Once the content is put together, the implementation process will start. It may take a week to 10 days to do a basic implementation. There will be a fee for implementation work which starts at Rs. 10,000 upwards depending on the number of projects and scope of implementation. However the implementation fee is currently waived off for Developers who sign up and provide all content before 30 March, 2015. So please hurry up and avail this inaugural offer.

What domain name will my ShowScape Microsite be hosted on?

Your ShowScape microsite of your company (with all your current projects) will be hosted on your own company domain name. You will need to set a sub domain called from your domain registry. This can be done by you free of cost. We will also provide you the IP address of our hosting server - which will need to mapped on your sub domain. Your ShowScape microsite on your own domain name will be an Online property that belongs to you as long as you want to keep your account operational.

How do I link up my ShowScape Microsite to my main website?

Linking your ShowScape Microsite from your website is easy. You will simply need to Add a Banner on your website on the Home page / Mast Head / Footer of your website saying "View PROJECTS SHOWCASE". Your Customers get a better idea about your Projects when they visit your ShowScape Microsite. What's more your ShowScape Microsite is better equipped to capture interested Customer Leads and also to help you manage these leads effectively for years to come.

How do I access my ShopwScape A/c to view whats going on?

Once your ShowScape account is operational, you will be able to login into your account with your username and password. The login URL is: Please do manage your login username and password with utmost care. You can change your password from time to time from your account. Also if you have forgotten your password you can request for it to be changed by clicking on 'Forgot Password'.

How do we manage the Content and Customer Leads received through ShowScape?

You will be able to update and manage your Project Content from your Login account. Online Support will be provided to guide you with this process if required. Customer leads will get forwarded via email to the registered email id. Further you will be able to view the customer database from your account. You can also download the data into an excel format if required.

I already have a website. Which has all the information.Then why do I need a ShowScape Microsite?

Good Question! But that's a lot like saying I already have my feet. why do I need a bicycle - or a car for that matter? ShowScape does things that your website is not equipped to do - though a lot of it may not be visible to an untrained eye. Please read the features of ShowScape and you will understand why it is a good ides to supplement your Website with ShowScape. As a combination of both, you will stand to benefit in the Online world - in the long run.

My website has been designed with our specific branding guidelines. Can my ShowScape Microsite be customized to match by websites branding?

ShowScape Microsite works on a Template based system that is designed using multi-device ‘Responsive’ pages. We will be able to customize you Branding (Company & Project Logos) as well as color schemes etc within these Templates. There will be additional charges for such customization and will be done as per requirement by our team in Mumbai.

We have a Digital Agency which takes care of our website and Online Marketing. Will they be able to work with ShowScape?

Most certainly yes! In fact as a technology service provider, we prefer to align with professional Digital Agencies. We support and hand hold digital agencies to understand and use the ShowScape digital marketing system and get maximum value for you in your online strategic plans - from a long term perspective. Our mission is to provide software technology, as a service to promote your Brand through Online, directly to your customers.