Why ShowScape is a must for Property Developers?

Let’s face it, home buyers don’t really have the time to visit numerous websites and decipher a whole load of diverse ways in which different Property developers choose to present their Projects.

How Projects are presented could be a crucial deterrent to decision making.

While most Property developer’s website provide overall Project information, many of them fail to provide Offering specific information which is very critical for Home buyers. For E.g. Plans are sometimes displayed floor wise clubbing multiple offerings in the same plan. To build a website that provides in-depth offerings specific information, means lot more work – which means lot more money needs to be spent in publishing every little detail.

Customers are an impatient lot. They will not stay on a website that they feel takes time to decipher. If a customer is not enticed in the shortest possible time, they may leave without even making an Enquiry.

Mobile Internet is where potential customer are.

In today’s times, lot more customer’s access the internet thorough Smart Phones and Tablets than from Laptops. As a result, a Property developer’s website, now needs to be ‘Responsive’ to present their Projects on different devices like Large Screen PCs, Laptops, Tablets and Smart Phone.

The costs of building and maintaining a good quality responsive website is a lot more than a conventional website. And it takes a great deal of aesthetics and engineering expertise to get all these critical factors right. Technology is changing fast – What’s is good today may not be good tomorrow. To do all this right means continuous investments.

Our mission with ShowScape is to make all this possible on your Website – at just a fraction of the cost. ShowScape works as a supplementation micro site on your own domain name, linked from your website to deal specifically with your Projects on sale.

ShowScape lets customers ‘visualize’ your Property Project in greater detail right from the convenience of their Home. Once they understand the Project and the offering better, the job becomes easier for you – To get them to do a Site visit and perhaps even close the Sale.

More Traffic through Organic Searches.

The second challenge is to bring in the Traffic – of potential Home Buyers.
ShowScape has in-built functionality that ensures Search Engine Optimization of your Microsite’s Project pages. By linking your ShowScape micro site with your existing website and with proper online promotions, you are bound to achieve better ranking on Search Engines. This means direct traffic from potential Home buyers in the years to come.

Traffic from Propertina – The Home Buyer’s Marketplace.

In addition ShowScape also lists your Projects on Propertina – A first of its kind marketplace for New Builder Projects exclusively for Home Buyers. Propertina offers a great deal of convenience for customers to see ‘all in one place’ and have the benefits of using the tools within Propertina to embark on a systematic process of finding their Dream Home.